Looking to revamp your house but finding it to be a long tedious task? Well, worry not because you can do it using just cushions and achieve that little change you seek. Cushions and cushion covers accentuate any space by adding that little bit of aesthetic touch. It is the most effortless and cost-efficient way to spruce up any space in your home. By utilizing cushions and modern throw pillow covers for your style ventures – be it from sofas, to beds, to little nooks in your house, they really do elevate the appearance. A perfect blend of comfort and style that is employed by everyone, regardless of whether they’re qualified stylists or novices in the decor game. May appear frivolous but are one of the most versatile decor products that offer you a repertoire of design choices. We at Decor Trail offer multiple decorative cushion covers online to match your style palette. Let us take you through a few cushion styling tips to kick-start your home decor and refurbishing journey.


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Living room is essentially the trailer to your entire house. It sets the mood/setting to any visitors or guests coming to your house and leaves them with a perception about your style and your personality. Your style could be modern chic, industrial, bohemian etc and you will find cushions and modern throw pillow covers to go with your existing decor. One of the easiest cushion styling tips is to add elegant cushions to your sofa in accordance with your style and colour theme. By doing so, you not only enhance your otherwise formal looking sofa, but you also bring the entire living room together. Not just that, you can get rid of the “matchy-matchy” cushion covers and opt for something contrasting and colourful. If you want a voguish modern look, you can opt for different patterned, sized and coloured decorative cushion covers. Alternatively, if you want a comfortable laid back look, you can always switch it up by piling soft cushions or soft simple cushion covers.


Image source : https://www.vivandtimhome.com/how-to-create-a-cozy-corner/.

You will always have an empty space in the corners of your house that either goes unnoticed or leaves you perplexed as to what to do with it. Here’s a tip to refurbish that space. You can make it a cozy nook to read, relax or even meditate. By adding a couple of blankets and cushions, you can turn that small nook around. If you want, you can even go the extra mile by adding a small customised mattress to fit the space to make it even more comfortable and cozier. Light a candle, sit back and relax while reading and enjoy this new added space to your house away from any hustle and bustle. We here at Decor Trail offer you modern throw pillow covers to match your vibe and to feel this change.


Image source : https://www.vivandtimhome.com/how-to-create-a-cozy-corner/.

Your bed is the most private/coziest place in your living space and owing to the current pandemic, we have spent more time in our bedrooms than ever before. If you’re bored of your bed looks then adding cushions to your bed is easily the most effortless tip to enhance the level of comfort whilst still maintaining some style. You can choose from contrasting colours to add a pop of colour to your bed or go for simple and comfortable modern throw pillow covers that match with the rest of your bedroom decor.


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The pandemic has definitely confined us to work-from-home, pushing us to work from our home offices. Here, you can make your home office chair much more comfortable by adding cushions with Decor Trail’s modern throw pillow covers to bring that extra bit of comfort to your working space. Additionally, the cushion could be added to any statement chair in your house; for example an armchair that’s been left around in the corner. If you already have a cushion on the armchair, you can switch things up by adding a new cushion cover to it.


Image source : https://heathershandmadelife.com/2015/07/diy-patio-furniture-cushions.html.
If you have an outdoor space then this cushion styling tip is for you. Be it a balcony or a garden, you can accessorise your outdoor furniture by adding comfortable cushions to enjoy that morning or evening cup of tea/coffee pleasantly. Usually, outdoor furnitures are made of bamboo or other hard materials making it uneasy for you to sit on it or feel at ease. With cushions wrapped in modern throw pillow covers, you can make this space snug and enjoyable. You can choose pleasant coloured cushions if your outdoor setting is a garden. This avoids a noisy/messy appearance and pulls together the entire look.
Hoping these cushion styling tips incentivises you to take that step into refurbishing your home with just cushions and cushion covers. This doesn’t seem that daunting or difficult a task, right? Hop onto Decor Trails to surf through decorative cushion covers online and make the change in your home today. Decor Trail additionally offers bed sheets, handcrafted macrame wall-hangings, quilts etc in case you want to leap higher in your refurbishment adventures.


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